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“Modernization” of poultry slaughter under fire

rubber gloved-hands holding raw chickenNow that the election is over, advocates in Washington, DC and the Obama administration can refocus their energy on pressing policy issues. One of the biggest issues facing the food safety community right now is the modernization of the food system. New rules meant to modernize poultry inspection has advocates from many areas concerned -- is 1/3rd of a second enough to properly inspect a chicken? We don't think so.

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Happy birthday to two hallmark food safety laws

Birthday candles on a cakeThis week marks the 106th anniversary of the passage of the Pure Food and Drugs Act and the Federal Meat Inspection Act, two landmark pieces of consumer based legislation which established the modern food protection system as we know it. Without these two important pieces of legislation, our food system in this country would be virtually unrecognizable.

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Considering raw milk? Not so fast

Fresh milk pouring into a glassWith the recent outbreak of foodborne illness -- which has sickened at least 80 -- caused by raw milk, more attention has been drawn to this contentious issue. Advocates of drinking raw milk claim that it has increased health benefits not available in milk that has been commercially pasteurized. With all the rhetoric surrounding the topic, it can be difficult for consumers to get a straight answer about raw milk. Here are some basic things you should know to make healthy decisions for you and your family.

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