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News accounts of dangerous teen drinking

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Duke University-February, 2000
A male student became ill with aspiration pneumonia a few days after a heavy binge. He died a few days later. Learn more.

Fresno State University-January, 2006
A student at Fresno State University died of alcohol poisoning. At the time of his death, his blood alcohol content or BAC was .34. Learn more.

Frostburg State University-November, 1996
After a night of heavy drinking at an off-campus party, a freshman student died due to alcohol poisoning. The student consumed “at least 6 beers and 12 shots of vodka in two hours.” Learn more.

Kenyon College- April, 2005
A freshman student died of acute alcohol poisoning. He had recently turned 19. Learn more.

Louisiana State University- September, 1997
After being accepted into a fraternity, a student died of alcohol poisoning. He consumed “the equivalent of about 24 drinks and had a blood-alcohol level six times the amount at which the state considers a person intoxicated.” Learn more.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)- September, 1997
A freshman student died following a night of drinking at a fraternity. According to reports, the new “brothers” had just been assigned to their “Big Brothers” (mentors) and were celebrating the occasion. Learn more.

New Mexico State University- March, 2005
A student died of alcohol poisoning. He was celebrating his 22nd birthday, and when police found him, his BAC was .459, almost six times the legal limit. Learn more.

Northwestern University- June, 2008
A freshman student was found dead in his room the day after a party. In a letter to the entire Northwestern community, William J. Banis, the Vice President for Student Affairs, stated that although alcohol education was a part of freshman orientation, many students still choose to engage in risky behavior which can often have devastating results. Learn more.

Rider University- March, 2007
A freshman student died from binge drinking during the hazing process of rushing a fraternity. He died from alcohol poisoning. Learn more.

San Diego State University- September, 2004
A fraternity member at SDSU died at a party due to alcohol poisoning. Learn more.

Southern Methodist University- May, 2007
A freshman student died of acute alcohol poisoning. His BAC was .4, which means he probably had ~15 drinks. Learn more.

Stephen F. Austin State University- October, 2007
A freshman fraternity pledge died after heavy drinking. The university had required all students to take an alcohol education class prior to starting school. Learn more.

University of Colorado at Boulder- September, 2004
A freshman student was killed from binge drinking while rushing a fraternity. In the hazing process, he was told to drink four 1.75 liter bottles of whiskey, six 1.5 liter bottles of wine, and then later beer from a keg. Learn more.

University of Maryland, College Park- February, 2002
Statement of Daniel P. Reardon about his son who died of alcohol poisoning during fraternity initiation. Learn more.

University of California at Berkeley- March, 2004
A junior student died of binge drinking while participating in drinking games with friends. Learn more.

Winona State University- December, 2007
A student died of acute alcohol poisoning after drinking heavily following the completion of exams. Learn more.

Wittenberg University- February, 2007
A 21-year-old student died of alcohol poisoning after a night of heavy drinking at a party. Learn more.