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Live well with asthma: downloadable brochure

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Learning you have a chronic disease can be frightening, especially when it affects your ability to breathe. The good news is that you can live with your asthma — and you can live well. Learn how to take care of your asthma, and you can have fewer symptoms and enjoy an active lifestyle.

You are not alone. Asthma is a very common disease, affecting one in 15 Americans. Experts don’t know why some people get asthma and others do not. Learn to understand your asthma and know how to take care of it. Know what causes your asthma. Follow the daily treatment plan you get from your doctor. You need to keep a check on your condition, so you can stay healthy. Download NCL's brochure, Live Well with Asthma, to learn to understand the disease, make a treatment plan, get tips for taking medication properly, monitoring your symptoms, and even to help control your child's asthma.