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Advocates produce best practices for pharmacy privacy

When you go to the pharmacy to pick up a refill, the communications you receive there can be very valuable. But some advocates are concerned about patient privacy and want to make sure that these pharmacy programs give consumers the privacy protections they need. NCL formed a working group to create a set of voluntary best practice principles for the pharmacy industry.

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Changes for asthma medication

Know your asthma medications so you can  breathe easierRecently there has been important news from the Food and Drug Administration about the medications used to treat asthma. Understanding your asthma medications will help you understand your asthma and keep you healthy.

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Monitor your heart health

High blood pressure can cause serious health issuesStroke and high blood pressure are two related health concerns, as blood pressure can put you at serious risk for a stroke. The two health problems also share many of the same risk factors. Learn how to identify the risks and treatments.

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