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Aspirin and coronary vascular disease

Aspirin is a very common medication. It can be used to reduce pain, fever, and inflammation. Aspirin has another important benefit: it can reduce the risk of another heart attack or stroke in a person who has already had one. Studies are being conducted to see whether aspirin can prevent a first heart attack or stroke; some doctors recommend aspirin to certain patients who are at risk.

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Top ten toy safety tips

With all the news in recent years of dangers uncovered in children's toys, what's a parent to do? Follow this advice.

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NCL's medication adherence campaign

NCL's medication adherence campaignNearly three out of four Americans admit they do not always take their medications as directed, but failure to take medications as instructed isn’t just an individual’s problem; it impacts all of us — as patients, caregivers, employers, health care practitioners, researchers, and tax payers.

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