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CNBC: Don't fall for the 'phantom debt collector' scam (John Breyault) April 13, 2014

Time Magazine: How a proposed 'transparent' law would blatantly mislead consumers (Sally Greenberg) April 11, 2014

The Huffington Post: Rule mandating rear view camera in vehicles will save lives (NCL) April 6, 2014

Yahoo: GM know-nothing chiefs buck post-Tylenol crisis standard (Sally Greenberg) April 4, 2014

The Sacramento Bee: Ask Mr. Dad: But, Dad everyone else has one (NCL) April 1, 2014

Bloomberg TV: How did GM, HNTSA ignore ignition-switch fix? (Sally Greenberg) March 31, 2014

The Washington Post: Women's fight for better pay is about more than just money (NCL) March 28, 2014

Bloomberg News: Auto regulator has 51 people tracing 250 million cars (Sally Greenberg) March 26, 2014

US News and Report: Jackpot: Target data-theft victims become a credit agency gold mine (John Breyault) March 26, 2014

The Boston Globe: Senator Ed Markey lauded for championing cause of the consumer (NCL) March 21, 2014

The Hill: Providing real pharmacy competition under Medicare (NCL) March 19, 2014

Associated Press: Ackman wins round as FTC starts Herbalife probe (NCL) March 13, 2014

The Washington Post: Will a proposed airlines transparency law help consumers, or let the airlines be deceptive? (Sally Greenberg) March 13, 2014

The Hill: Consumer groups protest TV bill draft (NCL) March 10, 2014

Reuters: Five signs it's a scam! MoneyGram spotlights fraud education ( March 7, 2014

Reuters: 26 leading health groups call on drug stores and other retailers to follow CVS's example and end tobacco sales (NCL) February 26, 2014

The Washington Post: Group tries to slow federal government's move away from paper to the Web (Sally Greenberg) February 16, 2014

The Consumerist: Groups call on Walgreens to stop "evaluating" cigarette sales and just stop them already (NCL) February 12, 2014

Yahoo: National Consumers League and NOW: FDA delays approval of first ever drug treatment for low sexual desire in women (NCL) February 11, 2014

Dallas Morning News: Telemarketing fraud on the rise as scammers find ways to call millions (NCL) February 5, 2014

CNBC: Scammers switch back to phone calls to target victims ( February 4, 2014 

New York Post: Pyramid scheme talk in the house (Sally Greenberg) January 30, 2014

CBS News: Top 6 U.S. Scams (NCL) January 24, 2014

Yahoo: 5 things not to buy at drugstores (including drugs) (Sally Greenberg) January 15, 2014

Reuters: What Target customers should know about identity theft protection (John Breyault) January 14, 2014

Milwaukee Business Journal: AFGE, food safety groups urge Congress to reject poultry inspection outsourcing plan (NCL) January 8, 2014

Reuters: New year, new tricks! MoneyGram warns about new fraud schemes (NCL) January 2, 2014

USA Today: Change fees and travel insurance continue to rise (John Breyault) December 26, 2013 

USA Today: Why can't airline tickets be transferable? (Sally Greenberg) December 23, 2013

Yahoo: FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez speaks at National Consumers League event on identity theft (NCL) December 16, 2013

U.S. News and World Report: 'Obamaphone' backers want to prevent $5 charge in Georgia (NCL) December 12, 2013

Forbes: State takes measures to combat 'Obama Phone' abuse as FCC ramps up fines (NCL) December 12, 2013

The Hill: "Mission Accomplished" on identity theft? Not so fast. (Op-ed by John Breyault) December 12, 2013

Huffington Post: 'Tis the season to be mobile: What businesses can do to prepare (NCL) December 9, 2013

ABC News: What smartphone plan is right for your family? (John Breyault) December 3, 2013

Yahoo: MoneyGram reminds consumers scam artists don't take holidays ( December 2, 2013

Los Angeles Times: Travel insurance doesn't always make sense, consumer group says (NCL) December 1, 2013

The Seattle Times: Think twice before buying airlines' insurance (NCL) November 30, 2013

New York Times: Consumer safety chief leaves a small agency with bigger powers (Sally Greenberg) November 29, 2013

Reuters: The young and the giftless: Young adults most vulnerable to online holiday failures (Sally Greenberg) November 27, 2013

Huffington Post: Walmart workers will make history on Friday as America confronts growing inequality (NCL) November 26, 2013

Fox Business: Layaway 2013: Survives recession's end, but evolves (John Breyault) November 25, 2013 Travel insurance: Buyer beware (NCL) November 24, 2013

Reuters: US homeowners won't get much relief from JPMorgan deal (John Breyault) November 19, 2013

Yahoo: US health coalition issues public safety message for acetaminophen users (NCL) November 12, 2013

Bloomberg Businessweek: New efforts to get the FTC to regulate direct sellers (NCL) November 11, 2013

Slate: Christmas season starts earlier every year (Florence Kelley) November 6, 2013

The Hill: Food safety groups blast farm bill amendments (NCL) October 23, 2013

MarketWatch: Poor medication adherence in Americans with multiple chronic conditions - Anticipating and addressing a looming threat (NCL) October 15, 2013

Yahoo: The shutdown threatens food, safety and finances (NCL) October 11, 2013

ABC News: Beware of scammers using Obamacare to steal your money or identity (NCL) October 7, 2013

Yahoo: Paperless ticket trend leaves unbanked outside the gate (John Breyault) October 4, 2013

Chicago Tribune: When your travel insurance doesn't insure you (NCL) October 1, 2013 You can say goodbye to annoying automated robocalls (John Breyault) September 30, 2013

Los Angeles Times: How to get around pricey airline ticket change fees (NCL) September 29, 2013

The Wall Street Journal: What you need to know about the Affordable Care Act (Rebecca Burkholder) September 28, 2013

Time Magazine: How to make airlines tickets less...awful (NCL) September 28, 2013

Yahoo: Airlines make billions in ticket change fees, travel insurance commissions (NCL) September 26, 2013

Washington Post: Flight insurance may not be a bargain (NCL) September 23, 2012

USA Today: Consumer advocates: Watch out for health reform fraud (NCL) September 23, 2013

Wall Street Journal MarketWatch: Wage theft division of Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP files class action complaint against Arnold Palmer Golf Management (NCL) September 18, 2013

Yahoo: Dangers of energy drinks (Teresa Green) September 16, 2013

USA Today: Christopher Elliott: Don't fall for airlines 'unbundling' ploy (NCL) September 16, 2013

ABC News: Lifeline phone program's approval process raises concerns about provider TerraCom Inc. (John Breyault) September 15, 2013

Zimbio: Saws cut off 4,000 fingers a year. This gadget could fix that. (Sally Greenberg) September 11, 2013

Time Magazine: Price check! Which drugstore chain is most likely to overcharge you? (NCL) September 9, 2013

CNN: Walgreens prices vary as much as 55% at some stores, study finds (Sally Greenberg) September 6, 2013

The Huffington Post: Walgreens shoppers may be overpaying by up to 55 percent: Study (Sally Greenberg) September 6, 2013

MarketWatch: Nine of nation's largest consumer and travel orgs urge OMB to release rule protecting travelers from hidden airline fees (NCL) September 5, 2013

The Sacramento Bee: Children as young as 10 can do farm labor in some states (Reid Maki) August 30, 2013

USA Today: Kids may have picked food for your Labor Day picnic (Child Labor Coalition) August 30, 2013

Yahoo: Obamacare nightmare: Fraud reports surfacing ( August 27, 2013

NPR's Marketplace: Confusion over Obamacare helps scammers (Sally Greenberg) 

Before It's News: Coca-Cola's sugar laden Vitaminwater targeted by lawsuits for misleading claims (NCL) August 13, 2013

The Hill: Consumer groups want stricter rules for 'Obama phone' program (NCL) August 13, 2013

USA Today: Calls for CBS-Time Warner Cable settlement grow (NCL) August 12, 2013

Reuters: Three leading consumer, low-income groups to urge FCC to take further action to reform the wireless Lifeline program (NCL) August 12, 2013

Forbes: Smartphone theft: What you can do to protect yourself from "a national epidemic" (John Breyault) August 5, 2013

ABC News: Vitamin Water maker accused of 'misleading' marketing (NCL) July 30, 2013

Forbes: Why the FTC won't take Bill Ackman's advice to prosecute Herbalife (Even though they should) (NCL) July 22, 2013

Los Angeles Times: Latino groups seek Herbalife probe by FTC (NCL) July 19, 2013

Yahoo Finance: Didn't make that donation to charity? Watch out for fraud ( July 16, 2013

Washington Post: Little understanding of health-care law opens door for scams, government says (John Breyault) July 13, 2013

New York Post: Consumer groups, FTC to talk Herbalife probe (NCL) July 11, 2013

NY Daily News: Alcohol labeling: Coming to a liquor store near you (NCL) July 11, 2013

The Miami Herald: Sick: scams prey on 'Obamacare' confusion (John Breyault) July 8, 2013

Yahoo Finance: Beware bogus charges on your mobile phone bill (John Breyault) July 2, 2013

The News & Observer: On the money: learn how to protect against fraud (Fraud Center) July 1, 2013

MSN Money: States want action on cramming (Sally Greenberg) June 25, 2013

Before It's News: Wage theft at the Reagan Building: Our tax dollars at work (NCL) June 25, 2013 7 effective ways you can tackle high fees (John Breyault) June 21, 2013

The Business Journals: Six consumer, veteran, farm groups tell FCC: reduce fraud by ending same-day distribution of lifeline cell phones (NCL) June 19, 2013

Yahoo Finance: California congresswomen asks the FTC to investigate Herbalife (NCL) June 13, 2013 

Seeking Alpha: Fraud hits home when families travel during the summer, according to Moneygram survey (Fraud Center) June 4, 2013 

The Huffington Post: National Consumers League Bangladesh petition asks consumers to pay more to protect workers (Op-ed by Sally Greenberg) June 3, 2013 

Shape Magazine: Government ruling allows nutrition labels on alcoholic beverages (NCL) May 31, 2013

CNBC: How to bring ethics into your closet (Sally Greenberg) May 30, 2013

MarketWatch: Diageo applauds the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) for approving serving fact information on beer, wine and distilled spirits containers (NCL) May 29, 2013

ABC News: Online services offer consumer dispute resolution (John Breyault) May 29, 2013

The Detroit News: 2 million Bank of America customers lose perks (Sally Greenberg) May 27, 2013

The Seattle Times: Watch out for unauthorized charges on cellphone bills (NCL) May 25, 2013

Yahoo News: MoneyGram warns of potential charity scams following Oklahoma tornadoes ( May 23, 2013

The Washington Times: Egg bill enjoys broad support (NCL) May 23, 2013

Salon: Power tool industry too powerful to regulate? (NCL) May 17, 2013 Markey, House Dems introduce bill to protect human subjects in clinical trials (NCL)   May 16, 2013

Los Angeles Times: BofA cuts 2 million customers loose (Sally Greenberg) May 14, 2013 

Yahoo News: Opposition to dairy supply management mounts (NCL) May 13, 2013

The Washington Post: Grocer buyback delays Obama's restaurant calorie display rules (NCL) May 10, 2013

Reuters: New survey: "I'd rather take out the trash than take my meds" (NCL) May 7, 2013 

MarketWatch: Online auctions: Don't get bitten when you bid ( May 6, 2013

Yahoo News: Consumer Watchdog groups urge House and Senate leaders to oppose milk supply management (NCL) May 2, 2013

Yahoo Finance: New initiative to improve medication adherence unveiled by health care, consumer, patient and industry leaders (Sally Greenberg) May 2, 2013

Yahoo News: 31 senior, Hispanic, consumer, disabled, and other groups urge U.S. House to preserve wireless lifeline for disadvantaged (NCL) April 25, 2013

The Business Journals: IDFA urges Congress to support bipartisan compromise dairy bill (NCL) April 25, 2013

The Humane Society: Federal bills introduced to improve housing for egg-laying hens and provide stable future for egg farmers (NCL) April 25, 2013

Fox Business: Cell phone bill shock over? (John Breyault) April, 17, 2013 

Seeking Alpha: MoneyGram warms of potential charity scams following Boston Marathon bombings ( April 17, 2013 Americans who ditch overpriced subscriptions save time, money, and health (NCL) April 13, 2013

MSN Money: Why minimal pay for max value jobs (and vice versa) (NCL) April 10, 2013

The Sacremento Bee: Ticket turf war heats up in Sacremento (NCL) April 9, 2013

The Tennessean: Bill backing tougher ticket scalping rules dies in House committee (NCL) April 3, 2013 Teens abusing cough syrup: Government introduces PACT Act (NCL) March 26, 2013

MSN Money: Beware these spring break scams (NCL) March 21, 2013

The Huffington Post: An agenda to make sure consumers are heard (NCL) March 19, 2013 Healthy grocery shopping: Use NuVal to make better food choices (NCL) March 15, 2013

CNBC: Bill Ackman applauds call for Herbalife investigation (NCL) March 13, 2013

The Wall Street Journal: Bill Ackman praises plea for Herbalife probe (NCL) March 12, 2013

Los Angeles Times: Consumer group urges FTC to investigate Herbalife (NCL) March 12, 2013

USA Today: Save on utility bills by reading the fine print (John Breyault) March 6, 2013

Yahoo News: In consumers we trust: USPS, U.S. Postal Inspection Service team up to protect consumers, fight fraud (NCL) March 5, 2013

Daily Kos blog: Will FCC chairman Genachowski allow more job destruction in a T-Mobile/MetroPCS merger? (NCL) March 5, 2013

Reuters: Your money: Are the new dispute-resolution sites on your side? (John Breyault) February 22, 2013

Yahoo Finance News: New website helps identify scams ( February 21, 2013

MSN Money: Teens say 'later' to Facebook, shift to photo chats (John Breyault) February 20, 2013

Yahoo News: Consumer/health groups urge Treasury Department to act in 2013 to require standardized, comprehensive labeling of alcoholic beverages (NCL) February 20, 2013

MarketWatch: What good is life insurance if no one collects? (John Breyault) February 20, 2013

The Hill blog: Egg bill is good for farmers, consumers, and for egg-laying hens (NCL) February 15, 2013

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Post your problems/Lawrence Walsh: Romance scams a dart to the heart (NCL) February 14, 2013 'Behind the kitchen door' exposes the dark side of the restaurant industry (NCL) February 10, 2013 Consumer rights should be a priority for the White House and Congress (NCL) February 8, 2013

MSN Money: Kids getting phones at ever earlier ages (NCL) February 5, 2013

The Hill blog: Consumer groups call for stronger regulation, send Obama second term wish list (NCL) February 1, 2013

KOMO News: Don't get burned by fake payday loan sites (NCL's Fraud Center) February 1, 2013

San Francisco Chronicle: At what age should kids get a cellphone? Bill Gates says 13 (NCL) January 30, 2013

Forbes: Health club contracts: How to avoid overcharges (John Breyault) January 30, 2013

Reuters: IPO View: U.S. Jobs Act companies outperform other IPO's, data shows (Sally Greenberg) January 25, 2013

redOrbit: Food fraud: Consumers may Be decieved by mislabeled products (NCL) January 23, 2013

USA Today: Grapefruit not only food that can affect medication (NCL) January 22, 2013

ABC News: EXCLUSIVE: Group Finds More Fake Ingredients in Popular Foods (Sally Greenberg) January 22, 2013

The Hill blog: Consumers herald new mine safety rule (NCL) January 22, 2013

TreeHugger: Be Careful Where You Get Your Pallets (NCL) January 21, 2013

USA Today: Legal recourses limited for Te'o to seek (NCL’s Fraud Center) January 19, 2013

News-Press (FL): Tell Mel: Hoaxes aren't just for athletes (John Breyault) January 18, 2013

MSN: Thinking of getting a payday loan online? Don't do it (NCL’s Fraud Center) January 17, 2013

Huffington Post: Restaurant Employees Have Broad Public Support For Better Pay, Sick Days: Survey (NCL) January 17, 2013

USA Today: Manti Te'o's 'Catfish' story is a common one (John Breyault) January 18, 2013

Paramus Post (NJ): Survey: Consumers Support Improved Conditions For Restaurant Workers (NCL) January 16, 2013

Eater National: National Survey: People Want Better Conditions for Restaurant Workers (NCL) January 17, 2013

People’s World: Restaurant workers rising up for justice (NCL) January 18, 2013

Associated Press: Smart Ideas: Holiday scams (NCL) December 7, 2012

The Oshkosh Northwestern (WI): Preplanning and research key in deciding on cellphone purchases for tweens (John Breyault) December 6, 2012

Food Hostess Brands: Bosses deserve $1.75m in bonuses… if they meet tough targets for asset sale (NCL) December 4, 2012

Modesto Bee (CA): On the money: Scam artists prey on giving spirit (NCL) December 3, 2012

ABQJournal (NM): Police Warn of Holiday Scams (NCL) December 1, 2012

Drug Store News: Technicians join fight to boost Rx adherence (Script Your Future) November 28, 2012

Daily Deal Media: 2012 Holiday Shopping Season ‘Dangerous’ to Naive Mobile Users (NCL) November 27, 2012

The Sacramento Bee: Cyber Monday: Beware of online shopping scams (NCL) November 26, 2012

Mobile Marketing Watch: Season of Cyber Shopping Raises Concerns About Mobile Security (NCL) November 26, 2012

Daily Kos: The perpetual infancy of humankind: Echoes of the Triangle, 2012 (NCL history) November 25, 2012

Gaston Gazette (NC): Family learns lesson to be cautious of possible scam (NCL) November 23, 2012

Associated Press: Save some money to spend on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday (NCL) November 22, 2012

Associated Press: Hostess to hold talks with bakers union on reasons for strike (Sally Greenberg) November 19, 2012

Newsday: Hostess to seek approval to liquidate Monday in White Plains (Sally Greenberg) November 19, 2012

Upper Saucon Patch (NJ): Beware of Flood-Damaged Used Cars in Wake of Hurricane Sandy (NCL) November 16, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle: Twinkie Maker Hostess to Fire 18,000, Close After Strike (NCL) November 16, 2012

Los Angeles Times: Union sympathizers slam Hostess over shutdown (NCL) November 16, 2012

Politico: Dairy market stabilization plan is bad formula (NCL) November 15, 2012

Politico: Cybersecurity is back in Congress - E&C gavel shuffle buzz - Petraeus case and U.S. data requests - Pandora is a surprise election ad success (NCL’s privacy forum) November 14, 2012

Paramus Post (NJ): National Consumers League Applauds House Energy And Commerce Committee For Holding Hearing On Meningitis Outbreak (NCL) November 14, 2012

People’s World: Bakery Workers say Hostess lies, CEO threatens closure (NCL) November 14, 2012

WRBL News 3 (GA): NCL lends support for Hostess Brand worker strike (NCL) November 13, 2012

The News-Press (FL): Flooded cars flood the market (NCL) November 13, 2012

Economic Times: Beware of scams that follow natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy (John Breyault) November 6, 2012

AgWeb: USDA draws praise from consumer advocates (NCL) November 2, 2012 (SC): Experts: Residents should pursue all credit protection options (John Breyault) November 1, 2012

American Banker: Banks and the PFM delusion (NCL) November 1, 2012

Seattle Weekly: Murray Stenson's Insurance Issue (Restaurant workers) October 30, 2012

The National Center for Public Policy Research: Chicago Teachers Should Have a Beef about LFTB Policy (NCL) October 29, 2012

Paramus Post (NJ): NCL calls on Congress to enact long overdue bill requiring regulation, oversight of compounding pharmacies (NCL) October 26, 2012

Helium: How would a potential Black Friday strike impact Walmart? (NCL) October 23, 2012

MySanAntonio (AP): Drought not causing Halloween price scare — this year (Teresa Green) October 23, 2012

York blog (PA): Celebrate Health Literacy Month in October (NCL) October 22, 2012

Columbus Business First (OH): Social responsibility efforts have become a normal part of business at corporations (NCL) October 19, 2012

KQED (CA): Yelp cracks down on fake reviews (John Breyault) October 19, 2012

Renal & Urology News: How to Improve Therapeutic Adherence (Script Your Future) October 16, 2012 Halloween safety and fun (NCL) October 16, 2012

Forbes: The problem with personal financial management tools (NCL) October 16, 2012 N.J. Senate panel OKs sports, concert tickets' bill (John Breyault) October 15, 2012

ABC News: Walmart workers threaten Black Friday action (NCL) October 12, 2012

The Raw Story: Walmart worker strikes go viral, hitting 28 stores in 12 states (Sally Greenberg) October 11, 2012

Women's Health: Your gym's dirty little secrets (Sally Greenberg) October 2012

The Press-Republican: Work-at-home scams shut down ( September 30, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times: The Fixer column (NCL's live chat about personal financial management tools) September 30, 2012 FSIS criticised for lack of action on E.Coli threat (NCL) September 29, 2012

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Coalition urges USDA to withdraw proposal to speed up poultry lines and turn inspection over to company employees (NCL) September 20, 2012

ESPN: Flem File: The sports fans coalition (Sally Greenberg) September 20, 2012

CBS Boston: Cell phone users save hundreds by switching to prepaid service (John Breyault) September 19, 2012 Soft drinks giants mull legal options as NYC soda ban gets green light (NCL) September 15, 2012

ClosetsDaily: Table Saw Safety Act dies quietly in California Senate (NCL) September 14, 2012

The Argus Leader: Grocer: Lean finely textured beef sales remain the same (NCL) September 13, 2012

People's World: Consumers league: Plight of restaurant workers makes dining out unappetizing (NCL) September 13, 2012

Daytona News-Journal: Social Security fraud on the rise (NCL) September 9, 2012

Occupational Health and Safety: Million Hearts launches hypertension educational program (NCL) September 6, 2012

Travel Weekly: After rocky courtship, Hertz to wed Dollar (Sally Greenberg) September 5, 2012

Think Progress: Four reasons everyone should thank unions on Labor Day (NCL and child labor) September 3, 2012

Consumers Digest: NuVal system prompts debate (Sally Greenberg) September 2012

Women's Health: Your gym's dirty little secrets (Sally Greenberg) August 30, 2012

Denver's Nursing Star: Americans overdosing; Elderly highest risk (NCL) August 26, 2012

CBS Philly: Tween cell use on the rise (John Breyault) August 20, 2012

Citizen Times (NC): Ashville area business people (NCL interns) August 10, 2012

The Hill's Congress Blog: Sugar subsidies out of date (NCL) August 8, 2012

TruthOut: We all need heroes (NCL history) August 7, 2012

Washington Post's On Parenting blog: The reverse aging of the cellphone market (NCL) August 2, 2012

Wisconsin Ag Connection: Egg farmers warn prices could double without legislation (NCL) July 30, 2012

Reuters: New data pricing from Verizon, AT&T may complicate family life (John Breyault) July 26, 2012

Chicago Tribune: Handling cellphones with ever-younger children (NCL) July 23, 2012

Huffington Post: The 15 greatest Americans of the 20th Century (Florence Kelley) July 23, 2012

Kansas City Star: Cellphones aren't just for adults anymore (NCL) July 20, 2012

The Coloradoan (AP): As Fort Collins opens door to solicitors, city tries to separate the well-meaning from the dangerous (Five Most Dangerous Teen Jobs) July 19, 2012

Fox Business: Why we need to improve drug adherence (Script Your Future) July 17, 2012

Consumer Reports: Most kids 8 to 12 now have cell phones. Should yours? (NCL) July 12, 2012

Woodworking Network: Table saw safety bill heads for California Senate vote (NCL) July 9, 2012

McClatchy News: Financial Crimes: A scam involving jobs that are too good to be true (NCL's Fraud Center) July 9, 2012

Yahoo! Finance: Lemon juice might be the latest food labeling scandal to hit grocery shelves (NCL) July 4, 2012

The Hill's Congress blog: Egg legislation is good for consumers, animals, and farmers (NCL) July 2, 2012 (MA): Check scams can fool even careful consumers (NCL's July 1, 2012

Emmetsburg News (IA): Summer danger? (Five Most Dangerous Jobs) June 26, 2012

Legal Times: With health care ruling, surprise, jubilation and angry calls for repeal (NCL) June 28, 2012

Bangor Daily News (ME): Beware of check overpayment scam when selling goods online (NCL's Fraud Center) June 23, 2012

Disruptive Women in Health Care: Campaign on drug adherence marks one year anniversary (Script Your Future) June 22, 2012

Huffington Post: Taking back our tickets (NCL) June 20, 2012

Fox 5 (DC): Video: Credit card complaint database (Sally Greenberg) June 20, 2012

Star-Ledger (NJ): Assembly committee approves bill to ban paperless tickets (John Breyault) June 19, 2012

ABC News: Sour lemons: Consumer group accuses 4 brands of watered-down juice (Sally Greenberg) June 15, 2012

Food Safety News: Senator aims to add national egg standards to farm bill (NCL) June 13, 2012

USA Today: Tougher labor rules to protect children at farms fail (Reid Maki) June 12, 2012

Diabetes Health: Take the pledge -- take your meds (Script Your Future) June 10, 2012

The Olympian (AP): A better life for hens (NCL) June 9, 2012

People's World: Consumer group demands end to lockout (NCL) June 8, 2012 FDA agrees with Tester: High fructose corn syrup isn't "sugar" (NCL) June 1, 2012

USAToday: FTC eyes social-media ads with perks (Sally Greenberg) May 29, 2012

Sun Chronicle (MA): You paid, it closed. What's next? (John Breyault) May 21, 2012

Huffington Post: It's all about the numbers (Sally Greenberg op-ed) May 21, 2012

Los Angeles Times: Virgin Atlantic to let passengers on some flights use cellphones (NCL) May 16, 2012

Huffington Post: Internet romance scams cost victims $50 million in 2011 (John Breyault) May 15, 2012

New York Times op-ed: What if it weren't called pink slime? (NCL) May 12, 2012

Washington Examiner (DC): Fraud victims across region lost millions (John Breyault) May 12, 2012

Whole Foods Magazine: Consumer groups call for FDA to dump “Corn Sugar” (Sally Greenberg) June 2012 issue

Supermarket News: NuVal under attack by consumer group (Sally Greenberg) May 10, 2012

Progressive Grocer: Consumer league calls NuVal 'flawed', files complaint (Sally Greenberg) May 10, 2012 Offering the Surgeon General possible solutions for nonadherence (Script Your Future) May 8, 2012

ABC News: When loved ones die, their identities are there for the taking (John Breyault) May 8, 2012

MSNBC: FCC not doing enough to stop bogus billing, consumer groups say (John Breyault) May 1, 2012

St. Louis Beacon: Critics say 'misinformation' killed rules to restrict child labor on farms (Child Labor Coalition) May 1, 2012

Associated Press: Obama criticized in reversal on child farm-labor regulations (Reid Maki) April 30, 2012

National Public Radio: Farmers cheer Administration's about-face on limiting teen and kids' farm work (Reid Maki) April 30, 2012

Dayton Daily News (OH): Call relative allegedly needing money to avoid this scam (NCL's Fraud Center) April 28, 2012

Associated Press: Child labor groups upset farm rules being dropped (Reid Maki) April 27, 2012

Houston Chronicle: Labor Department backs off child labor update (Sally Greenberg) April 27, 2012

WDTN NBC (OH): BBB warns against age-old scam (NCL's Fraud Center) April 25, 2012

CBS (Philadelphia): Maryland students win national LifeSmarts competition in Philadelphia (LifeSmarts) April 24, 2012

Frederick (MD) News Post: Frederick homeschoolers claim top prize in national competition (LifeSmarts) April 24, 2012

Examiner: FDA asked to rule on Corn Refiners’ deceptive ads (Sally Greenberg) April 18, 2012

Consumerist: Consumer groups ask FDA to stop this “corn sugar” silliness already (Sally Greenberg) April 17, 2012

ABC News: IRS Tax Refunds Stolen (John Breyault) April 17, 2012

HuffingtonPost: Travel scams spike during spring, summer months (John Breyault) April 12, 2012

Sustainable Food News: Undercover investigation alleges animal cruelty, filth at major egg producer (NCL) April 12, 2012

Detroit News: Letter: Animals deserve good treatment (NCL) April 11, 2012 Why aren't companies better prepared for data breaches? (Sally Greenberg) April 4, 2012

Drug Topics: Winners of Script Your Future challenge announced (Script Your Future) April 3, 2012 (Rhode Island): March Smartness results (LifeSmarts) April 3, 2012

Food Navigator USA: Slimeageddon 2012: Who is really to blame for the pink slime debacle? (NCL) April 2, 2012

MediaPost: Google fuels THINKB4U [fill in the blank], and survey paywall (NCL) March 30, 2012

PollStar: Tennessee considering ticket bill (NCL, Fan Freedom Project) March 29, 2012

CBSNewYork: Mobile payment options are growing in popularity, but how do you keep your info safe? (John Breyault) March 28, 2012

Dallas Post (PA): LifeSmarts program teaches just that (LifeSmarts) March 26, 2012

Arizona Republic: Congress mulls law on cages for chickens (NCL) March 25, 2012 Milton High 'LifeSmarts' team headed to national competition (LifeSmarts) March 23, 2012

WUSA 9 (DC): Protect your mobile wallet (John Breyault) March 23, 2012

Dubuque Telegraph Herald (IA): Consumer group's efforts force Vitaminwater to make changes (Teresa Green) March 17, 2012

Animals & Politics Humane Society Blog: Egg bill helps consumers (Sally Greenberg) March 7, 2012

Main Street: Why Consumers Fight Some Fees, Forgive Others (John Breyault) March 1, 2012

Huffington Post: Overdraft Settlements Cost Banks A Small Fraction Of What's Netted In Fees (Sally Greenberg) February 27, 2012

Middletown Journal (OH): 120 area companies violated labor laws February 26, 2012

Yahoo! Finance: Social media con artists a rising problem (John Breyault) February 24, 2012

News 14 North Carolina: Old consumer watchdog group keeps an eye on new tricks February 24, 2012

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Sweepstakes scams fooled plenty last year (Sally Greenberg) February 8, 2012

NBC WCNCL News (NC): National Consumer League reveals top rip-offs of 2011 (NCL Fraud Center) February 3, 2012

ABC 9 News: Social security death file foulups hit home for agency's chief (John Breyault) February 3, 2012

The Consumerist: Report lists the top scams of 2011, somehow Nigerian email tricksters weren't the worst (NCL's Fraud Center) February 3, 2012

Orange County Register: Group names 'Top 10 Scams' of 2011 (NCL's Fraud Center) February 3, 2012

Reuters: How to spot investment fraud (John Breyault) February 2, 2012

Consumer Reports: Top 10 scams of 2011- Fraudsters targeting victims by age (John Breyault) February 2, 2012

USA Today: Standards cover hazardous work (Reid Maki) January 31, 2012

Star Tribune (MN): Whistleblower: Bank sends credit card to wrong person (Sally Greenberg) January 23, 2012

MSNBC: Gingrich daughter's teen work may have violated law (Reid Maki) January 19, 2012

San Francisco Chronicle: Television blackout rule for pro sports events faces FCC review (NCL) January 17, 2012

New Jersey Today: Beware of mystery shopper scams (NCL) January 16, 2012

LifeScience: Prescription for change (Script Your Future) January 12, 2012

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