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Avoid tax season pitfalls

It's tax time

April 15. The date fills many consumers with dread, since it marks the IRS tax filing deadline. For tax scammers, however, Tax Day equals (ill-gotten) profits. That’s why NCL is encouraging consumers to be extra-vigilant against predatory – or downright fraudulent – tax-related offers. Tax-related scams come in a variety of flavors. Here are a few of the more common variations:

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Scammers prey on the elderly in 2010

Top scams of 2010 reveal con artists targeting elderlyA phone ringing at 3AM usually means one thing: bad news. That’s certainly the case with a Grandparent Scam, in which fraudsters play on the fear that a friend or relative is in danger by calling an elderly victim and posing as a grandchild or acquaintance.

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'Tis the season for charity scams

Make sure you're giving to a legitimate charity this seasonIt's that time of year, when many consumers are ready to open their hearts and wallets to many deserving charities. But con artists are well aware of this. How can you be sure you're giving to a good cause -- or a cause at all?

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