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Door-to-door sales: Questions for jobseekers

Considering a door-to-door sales job?Considering a job in door-to-door sales? Teens looking for potential work may need help distinguishing legitimate door-to-door sales opportunities from dangerous traveling sales crews.

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Worst teen jobs: construction


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics fatality records, construction and roofing are two of the ten most dangerous jobs in America. In 2007, an estimated 372,000 workers of all ages were injured in construction accidents and construction led other industries in the number of deaths among all workers: 1,178. A construction worker is nearly three times as likely to die from a work accident as the average American worker.

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NCL's 2009 five worst teen jobs report

With summer around the corner, many teens are beginning the process of looking for a summer job. In 2007—the last year for which there are complete records—an estimated 2.6 million adolescents aged 16 to 17 years worked in the U.S. That doesn’t include the 400,000 children of migrant and seasonal farmworkers who help put food on our tables at ages below 16 because of loopholes in our child labor laws.

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