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Farmworker advocates building CARE momentum

CARE act is building steamAdvocates have been working for years to improve the working conditions for young farmworkers in the United States. In recent months, the CARE Act, the domestic priority for NCL's Child Labor Coalition, has been gathering steam. In all, 73 groups, representing a diverse cross-section of interests, have stood up and said it’s time to end the injustice of child labor in U.S. agriculture.

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Whistleblowers support EFCA

Whistleblowers are the human factor that is the Achilles heel for bureaucratic corruption, which is largely sustained by secrecy. When workers are in fear of losing their jobs because they don’t have workplace protections, including unions and whistleblower’s rights, they are far less likely to step forward to report abuse, fraud or corruption. Whistleblower organizations sent a letter to Congress today, offering their support for the Employee Free Choice Act.

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Shared history: NCL and working families

Did you know NCL began as an organization of women devoted to workers’ rights?

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