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America's nurse staffing crisis

Many of America’s hospitals are dangerously short staffed. Nurses are often forced to work overtime and asked to deliver care they are not qualified to provide. In almost all cases of understaffing, nurses are assigned more patients than they can safely handle—which can mean missed or incorrect medication, delays in care, patient accidents, or worse.

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Worst teen jobs: construction


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics fatality records, construction and roofing are two of the ten most dangerous jobs in America. In 2007, an estimated 372,000 workers of all ages were injured in construction accidents and construction led other industries in the number of deaths among all workers: 1,178. A construction worker is nearly three times as likely to die from a work accident as the average American worker.

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Illegal child labor uncovered in immigration raid


In May 2008, immigration officials raided the Agriprocessors kosher meat plant in Postville, Iowa, uncovering health and safety violations and illegal, dangerous employment of minors. In August, NCL sent its child labor expert to Postville to observe a community still reeling.

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